Section I: A Unique and Evolving Industry

1. Margin Pressure, Part I
By Dave Johnson and Jeff Jones


2. Margin Pressure, Part II: The Provider’s Response & Forward-Looking Crisis Management
By Dave Johnson and Jeff Jones


3. Is Healthcare a Charity, Social Service, or Business?
By Rex Burgdorfer


4. Current Trends in Hospital M&A
By Rex Burgdorfer and Jordan Shields, Barton Walker, Thomas Brown, Krist Werling


5. Are Hospitals Ready for a Recession?
By Alexandra Normington


6. Community Considerations for Hospital Transactions
By Barton Walker, Krist Werling, Rex Burgdorfer and Jordan Shields


7. Hospital Industry Structure: Considering the Impact of the ACA
By James Burgdorfer


8. Assessing Hospital Preparedness for COVID-19: A Statistical Approach
By Jordan Shields, Andrew Blank, Alexandra Normington and Alex Voss