Dealmaking in the Sunlight: Navigating Public Hospital M&A

Public hospitals have a uniquely open relationship to the communities they serve, which invites a level of transparency as they consider potential mergers and acquisitions. So what kind of M&A deal activity options are out there for public hospitals dealing with financial pressures, and how can parties navigate regulatory, financial and public opinion to get the deal done?

In this two-part Collaborative Transformation podcast series, Rex Burgdorfer, Partner, Juniper Advisory joins Megan Rooney, Partner, McDermott Will & Emery, to discuss important considerations related to government-sponsored hospital partnerships.



Part I 

  • The major trends driving public hospital M&A
  • How M&A can strengthen hospitals financially and the regulatory and external challenges contributing to financial pressures
  • Unique regulatory and financial challenges faced by public hospitals
  • Benefits of privatization in the hospital industry
  • The role public sentiment can play in public hospital transactions

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Part II 

  • Key issues that hospital boards, senior leaders and partners must address to secure transaction approval
  • Strategies for identifying and educating stakeholders about the proposed transaction, including competitive benefits and tax and political implications
  • Choosing a deal structure that will work for all parties and anticipating complications that may arise with alternative deal structures
  • Effectively communicating with employees to keep hospital operations running smoothly during the transaction approval process

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