James Burgdorfer Presents Session for The Governance Institute’s Leadership Conferences

Jamie TGI Leadership ConferenceBurgdorfer is presenting his session titled “Assessing Independence” for The Governance Institute’s Leadership Conferences, an educational program provided for health system board members, executives, and physicians. Jamie’s talk is being given at the September session in Colorado Springs, CO, and the October session in White Sulphur Springs, WV. Jamie is a member of The Governance Institute’s Expert Faculty. The objectives of his session are to:

  • Show how hospital boards are responding to the Affordable Care Act in relation to their independence
  • Describe reasons why boards are assessing independence
  • Review the approaches boards are utilizing to confront these questions
  • Highlight the role of governance in the board and management dynamic
  • Describe common missteps and transaction mistakes
  • Review the changing roles of market participants

The purpose of The Governance Institute’s programs is to connect hospital leadership with expert faculty with the intent of strengthening their ability to carry out the role as a leader for their healthcare institution and the wider community. Click here for more information on The Governance Institute.