Dr. Ernest Braxton

Senior Advisor

Dr. Ernest Braxton is a remarkable figure in the medical field, with a diverse background that encompasses military service, academic achievements, and a commitment to advancing healthcare quality. Let’s break down his impressive profile:

1. Clinical Leadership and Expertise: Dr. Braxton’s expertise lies in medical quality and healthcare administration. His roles as Partner and Board Member at Vail Summit Orthopedics and Neurosurgery, as well as his tenure as Chief of Neurosurgery at San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC), showcase his leadership in these areas.

2. Military Service and Combat Experience: As a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and an Afghanistan war veteran, Dr. Braxton has firsthand experience in dealing with complex combat injuries, particularly during Operation Enduring Freedom. His role as Theater Neurosurgeon In Charge highlights his significant contributions to the high survivability rate of wounded soldiers, demonstrating his proficiency in managing neurotrauma patients in challenging environments.

3. Educational Background: Dr. Braxton’s educational journey is impressive, having completed medical school at the University of Pennsylvania and neurosurgical residency at Allegheny Health Network in Pittsburgh. Additionally, he earned an MBA from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University, showcasing his commitment to blending medical expertise with business acumen.

4. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Dr. Braxton’s recognition, such as ringing the opening bell at the NASDAQ for his accomplishments in entrepreneurship, underscores his involvement in advancing medical technology and surgeon education. His role as a consultant to leading medical device companies reflects his commitment to innovation in the field.

5. Clinical Practice and Academic Contributions: Despite his numerous leadership roles and commitments, Dr. Braxton remains an actively practicing board-certified neurosurgeon. His involvement in medical quality assurance boards and contributions to peer-reviewed publications demonstrate his dedication to advancing healthcare standards and disseminating knowledge within the medical community.

6. Advocacy and Community Engagement: Beyond his professional endeavors, Dr. Braxton is a champion for brain injury prevention and management, as well as for improving medical quality in rural healthcare systems. This commitment to advocacy underscores his holistic approach to healthcare, extending beyond clinical practice to societal impact.

Overall, Dr. Ernest Braxton emerges as a multifaceted leader in the medical field, combining clinical expertise, military service, academic achievements, entrepreneurial spirit, and advocacy for healthcare improvement. His contributions span various domains, reflecting a dedication to excellence and innovation in healthcare delivery and management.